LIFE Recycled Lycra Colour Chart

Life Recycled

A fantastic eco-friendly fabric that we are sure you will love! Created using discarded materials that were 100% nylon (such as fishing nets) this fabric is 78% Recycled polyamide and 22% Elastane and certainly meets the high quality our customers expect.
Copy and paste colour description into the box provided on made to order product page. Please make sure the word ECO is present.
LN1001 Black Recycled
LN1018 Minty Recycled
LN1016 Body Recycled
LN1017 Dove Grey Recycled
Black - ECO Mint - ECO Nude - ECO Dove Grey - ECO
LN1014 Turquoise Recycled
LN1019 Cotton Candy Recycled
LN1007 Night Recycled
LN1004 Royal Recycled
Turquoise - ECO Cotton Candy - ECO Night - ECO Royal - ECO
LN1012 Cornflower Recycled
LN1013 Purple Recycled
LN1003 Red Recycled
LN1006 Cerise Recycled
Cornflower - ECO Purple - ECO Red - ECO Cerise - ECO
LN1005 Blush Recycled
LN1010 Jade Recycled
LN1008 Army Recycled
LN1009 Savana Recycled
Blush - ECO Jade - ECO Army - ECO Savana - ECO
LN1015 Orange Recycled
LN1011 Lemon Recycled
LN1002 White Recycled
Saving the Planet; one bikini at a time ...
Orange - ECO Lemon - ECO White - ECO ECO LYCRA



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